Using Stretch Goals in Your Sprints

Some teams use something called stretch goals or stretch stories to highlight product backlog items they will accomplish if they finish their sprint commitments early. In my experience, stretch goals are often used as a way to satisfy stakeholders without fully committing to the work. In some ways, it’s more tangible to call it out as a “stretch goal” than saying we didn’t include it in sprint A, but it’s the highest priority item in the product backlog.

I do think it should be up to the team whether they use stretch goals, but I would caution against using it as a tool to keep stakeholders at bay. We want to be realistic of what we can deliver and the more honest we can be with ourselves and our stakeholders, the better off we’ll be.

Should Scrum Teams Include a Stretch Goal In Their Sprints? | Mountain Goat Software

Image by Mountain Goat Software