Power of Retrospectives at VIA-1

On Saturday I presented at the 14th annual Vietnamese Interacting as One (VIA-1) Conference on “the power of retrospectives.” As an alumnus of the organization that hosts the event, UVSA Midwest, I was excited to come back and support these young Vietnamese Americans. I’ve personally seen the value of retrospectives and how critical they are to high performing teams. My hope is teams will adopt the practice of doing retrospectives frequently and consistently throughout a project, and invest the time/resources in making them fun and engaging. I’ve posted the slides at the end of this entry.

I always like to set-up at my workshop about an hour before it’s set to start.

I split attendees into smaller teams to run their own retrospectives. The prompt was to think about their experiences at conference thus far.

The teams came up with really interesting action items; many of which were within their own control. For example one team thought their inability to show up to sessions on time was limiting their conference experience. They came up with several concrete actions which would allow them to maximize the rest of conference.

The teams used dot voting to help prioritize their thoughts and ideas.

The slides presented at the conference.