NPR Tour

I’ve been listening to NPR since high school and it’s my go to source for fair and balanced news. I actually queue up and listen to 15 minutes of stories on my NPR app before I go to bed each night. I credit NPR for helping me be more knowledgeable about current events and better understand the world in which we live. Ever since I’ve moved to DC, taking the NPR tour has been on my bucket list. I was finally able to go and it didn’t disappoint.

The NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C.

This board is one of the first things you’d see when entering the NPR lobby. I love George Takei and the live long and prosper Vulcan salute.

Our tour guide explaining the video screens show the faces of remote reporters so the team can communicate non-verbally.

Normally there’d be more reporters around, but most are on the campaign trail.

Me hanging out in the NPR music section, sitting behind the Tiny Desk holding an actual Emmy award.